13 yrs old
Chinese Crested Lhasa Apso
The Family


Treats/Rewards Recieved
Steak: 0
Bone: 1 (Recent: Jameson)
Sausages: 0
Biscuit: 0
Name: Peeka Boo
Type: Dog
Gender: Female
Breed: Chinese Crested Lhasa Apso
Color: Black and white
Eye Color: Brown
Height: Short
Weight: 10-11 Pounds
Favorite Toy: My Red Hippo
Favorite Activity: Chasing Squirrels or Going for a Ride
Intelligence: Smart, but stubborn. Trainable if I want to be trained.
Playfulness: I love to play with people but am not so great with other dogs.
Attitude: Oh yeah, I have one.
I am a Lhasa Apso and Chinese Crested mix and am pretty much ten pounds of fur. I'm a princess- I admit it. Jessica found me at a pet store and fell in love instantly. She picked me up and cuddled me. Then we played on the floor and I ran away, hiding behind a box. Peeking around the corner really slow and then pulling back I earned my name- Peeka Boo. Two days later I was brought home to Jessica's family. I couldn't ask for a better home. My dad spoils me with filet mignon, and my mom takes me to Friday Harbor for weekends.
I absolutely love to be outside. I lay for hours on the deck looking out over my yard. Sometimes I sit under the trees and try to trick the squirrels into thinking I am statue. Other times I chase them without even trying to be quiet about. I love to go for rides in the car, especially if we go to the coffee place where they give me treats. Long weekends in Friday Harbor though are my very favorite.
Blog 1
I spent the weekend in Friday Harbor this weekend and the sun was finally out!! I can't believe how cloudy and gray it has been this Spring. Dad and I went for some really long walks. That guy doesn't know when to stop! I loved it though! I took a nice long nap afterwards too!
PeekaBoo Virtual Pet
A fun interactive virtual pet. Take him skiing, to the beach, choose diamond collars, props and backgrounds.

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