43 yrs old

Bonney Lake,
Treats/Rewards Recieved
Chocolates: 0
Ice Cream: 1 (Recent: Jessica)
Roses: 0
Teddy Bear: 0
First Name: Jessica
Last Name: Burr
Gender: Female
Eye Color: blue
Height: 5.6
Relationship Status: Married
Favorite Activity: Going for long walks with my husband and puppies on the beach.
My Story
My name is Jessica and I live in Bonney Lake, WA with my husband Brian. I moved out here 6 years ago from Dayton, Ohio (home of the Wright Brother's) to marry my husband and settle down. Over the past 6 years we have enlarged our family with pets. We each entered our relationship with one a piece. I had a cocker spaniel named Amy who is a little princess and he had a cat named Sampson who he rescued from a vet. This past Christmas we lost Sampson due to old age, rest his sole. Over the past 6 years our family has grown to include 3 more cats; Oreo 9, Ember 7 and Daisy 4. Our newest addition to the family is Rebel and Saber, my husbands pride and joy, two German Shephard's which are all black. Our pets are extremely loved and very spoiled.
My Activities
Brian and I love to travel and just recently spent a week in Maui. We also enjoy visiting NYC and many places throughout Washington and Oregon.
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